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Mississippi Labor Market

Journey to Work

Employment Status

Civilian Labor Force

Resident Population

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Workforce Development


The labor force in Humphreys County is anxious to prove to corporate investors that we are a great investment for companies looking for a motivated, highly ethical, productive and adaptable workforce.

When additional training is required for a company, job training programs can be designed exclusively for that company through our local education resources and assistance provided at little or no cost to our prospective employer.

Labor Force

There is a civilian labor force of approximately 5,000 within Humphreys County from a household population pool of about 10,000.  The Humphreys County labor force is increased by persons in neighboring counties with similar numbers who would consider Humphreys County for employment opportunities.

With an unemployment rate in the 8-10 percent range in Humphreys County, thousands of dedicated, hard-working citizens, with an additional pool of workers currently employed but interested in new job opportunities.  An additional large number of people, neither employed nor seeking work, might re-enter the workforce for the proper job. In total, the Humphreys County area has several thousand available workers for new or expanding businesses.  See the individual community profiles for detailed labor information.

Education & Training

Our education program begins with two fully accredited public and private school systems and vocational center in Humphreys County Schools and Humphreys Academy.  Opportunities for advanced education are supported by Delta State University and Mississippi Delta Community College.

For employers, we are able to combine these great resources with numerous state and Federal training programs on campus or at the plant site.  Costs may also be reimbursed, including a portion of the employee's wages.  Mississippi Development Authority also provides Job Tax Credits for additional possible savings.